Tia was a tired girl this morning and anxious because we didn't have a solid plan.  After several hours and LOTS of doctors/nurses/techs in and out of the room we had a plan devised.  One of the tests that Tia had done yesterday tested for 50 different viruses including flu.  Until those results come back, every medical professional that comes in contact with her has to put on a full sleeve gown, blue gloves and yellow mask covering half of their face (nose and mouth).  Kind of scary for a 7 year old that is already anxious and not feeling well! We finally have a plan....we are going to do a CT Scan on her lungs today (with contrast) then do a Bronchoscopy tomorrow morning.  We were nervous about the CT Scan because Mama and Uncle are both allergic to iodine.  Tia has NEVER been exposed to iodine because of Mama & Daddy's fear that she could be allergic.  Since Tia was born, all of the doctors have told us that an iodine allergy is not genetic but that they would honor our wishes not to expose her.  We really didn't have an option today.  The only way to do the CT Scan accurately was to use contrast.  We asked about alternatives to iodine and was told that there are none.  After being grilled by Mama in the CT Procedure room regarding the plan to counteract an allergic reaction , the tech set up the machine to run the iodine.   It was a pretty frightening couple of minutes watching the iodine inject in her IV by a high pressure machine.  Tia opted to stay awake for the CT Scan so that she wouldn't have to endure being intubated and more importantly, so she could eat something right away.   Luckily everything went very smoothly - the whole procedure didn't take more than 10 mins and the actual 'reading' time that she had to stay still was less than 2 minutes!  So easy for a big, brave girl that really hates being intubated.  On to the next challenge...
Nichole bazzani
1/23/2013 11:29:50 am

Tia is such a tough cookie. Love you sweet girl.

Ray Greeve
1/23/2013 12:17:58 pm

Unbelievable what you guys go through. Again, i wish you and Tia lots and lots of strength. That girl is such a trooper. Step by step, she will get there. Give here a big hug from me even though she doesn't know me. Be strong!!


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