1:41PM  We met with one of Tia's doctors yesterday and he put her on oxygen through a nasal cannula for 24 hours.  Although her O2 saturation wasn't dangerously low, we all agreed that she would heal better if she was able to breathe better and get more oxygen to her body.  This physician is more concerned about her developing pneumonia than he is of the pneumothorax getting worse.  It's very interesting that different physicians, both excellent in their own specialties, have different priorities for the same patient.  It took some bribing, but we were able to get Tia to walk around the floor.  Her sister Courtney came by with some friends and played Monopoly with Tia on her bed.  Then her sisters Shelby and Luci came to have dinner.  The oxygen helped Tia sleep well.  Her pain was worse but with medicine she was able to rest.  When Tia woke up this morning, her numbers were great and she was feeling pretty well.  She had 2 paramedics that were firefighters escort her down to the lab to get her blood drawn.  The first thing they asked her was, "How's your friend, Tony?" They were very impressed that she had her photo taken with the Cowboys.  She was impressed that they were firefighters!  Tia was able to walk down to the lab, but took a ride in the wheelchair on the way back.  That was about all the Princess could handle for activity.  She's wiped out now!  

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