11:47AM CST It has been an eventful morning!  Tia had her heart pace wires removed as well as her two chest tubes (she knows them as big straws).  It was a difficult procedure for her.  The team at Children's Medical Center did a fantastic job listening to her wishes of going slow, giving her information and stopping for breaks when she asked for them.  She has been moved to a new room on the regular Cardiac Floor instead of ICU.  Her chest x-ray showed some 'gunk' in her lungs this morning so we are going to try to get her up and walking around.  We don't want her having a repeat of the pneumonia that we know so well!  Pastor Kory from our awesome church, Argyle United Methodist Church brought Tia a prayer shawl.  We all said a prayer together asking God for a quick recovery.  Tia is resting comfortably right now with lots of pain meds on board.

Deb Hanson
12/19/2012 08:03:54 am

Our little girl is trying to look so brave and she is once again tugging at all our hearts. I've looked at the photoplay of when she had her initial heart surgery a hundred times this week and can't believe the miracle that was and is taking playing through right now. If love can pull her through, then this is a no brainer!!! Give her love, hugs and kisses from Grammy....and Luci too!!

Barbara Nevins
12/19/2012 09:57:10 am

So glad to hear things are going pretty well. Continued prayers are with you all!
Barbara, Shelli's aunt

Maria & Ray Caruso
12/19/2012 10:24:21 am

Lots & lots of prayers and happy thoughts for you Tia! Hope you are up and feeling better real soon.

Love, hugs & kisses,
Maria & Ray

Marilyn Yelle
12/20/2012 07:41:42 am

Tia, you are the bravest little girl I know! I am thinking about you and hope that you will be on your favorite horse soon!

You show em' little one, how it's done! You are a very big girl and I hope you are feeling better soon!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, just so you know :) :) : )


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