2:52PM CST Tia is a tired girl!  Her rough night caught up with her and she has been pretty sleepy all day.  Some good news to report: Tia had the IV line in her neck and the one in her foot removed.  She had a couple of other tubes taken away.  Her blood pressure is still high and she has been given new medicine to help lower it.  Her temperature is slightly elevated, based on her normal lizard-like cool baseline temp.  We are worried about an infection because of her poor immune system.  However, her blood counts look good and she is drinking small amounts of water and popsicles.   
12/18/2012 05:34:00

Your doing great young lady. We are so proud of you. Every get you will get better and better. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep smiling :) you have Jesus on your side.

Siobhan OBrien
12/18/2012 10:51:53

Tia you and your family are so lucky to have each other. You are a strong girl. All of the SSPC girls are thinking of you!


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