5:41AM  Tia has been up most of the night.  She complained about pain initially, but was given morphine and strong ibuprofen.  She really really really wants to drink water.  Unfortunately, her blood pressure has been high all night and her nurse isn't comfortable letting her drink too much in case the blood pressure issue gets worse.  Sometimes high blood pressure is an indicator of pain.  Luckily, at 7 years old she can tell us if she is hurting.  She just had her third dose of morphine since she initially woke up at 11:00PM.  We're praying for comfort for Tia and that her blood pressure comes down.
Lisa Moseley
12/17/2012 11:23:38 pm

Little Tia is a strong fighter ! Sorry she has not slept!! Praying today for her pain to subside, her blood pressure to stabilize so she can begin her road to recovery. Tell her I love her to the moon and back! Praying for you guys too!!

Dorrie Maree
12/17/2012 11:57:46 pm

Our prayers are with you darling, get better so you can come swim with us this summer!! God Bless You! Dorrie


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