Tia is doing great!! The Bronchoscopy and the amazing drug Mucumyst cleared her lungs beautifully at Children's Medical Center of Dallas.  Once her lung capacity was back up, we were able to bring her back home to recover.  Unfortunately, there was a national shortage of the drug and even though the doctors prescribed it to her, we could not convince a pharmacy to release the drug to us.  We tried EVERYTHING!!  We also had her on the vest treatments four times a day along with all her other heart and lung meds.  She continued to improve then would decline, then would improve again but not back up to her optimum lung capacity.  Tia's heart has continued to improve and her right ventricle is not getting any larger any more!  After several trips to the Pulmonologist, a visit to the Endocrinologist and a visit to Immunologist all physicians have decided that she just needed more time to recover from her surgeries.  We thought she would be able to return to school last week, but she contracted a virus and had to remain home for another week.  We are so excited to share that she is going back to school tomorrow!  So please break out your #TeamTia t-shirts and support Miss Tia tomorrow as she catches up with all her school friends.  We pray that her immune system is helped by the antibiotics that she will continue to take while she finishes the school year.  We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

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