Good morning, Tia is going in for her Bronch at 9:00am.  She had a good night of sleep, we were very lucky to have an excellent team of nurses.  Most patients have one nurse, Tia had 3 last night that are all strong members of #TeamTia, preserving her sleeping time!  Tia can't eat anything this morning, so we are thankful that she is sleeping through the morning and not realizing that she isn't allowed to eat.  The Pulmonologists decided to add a cilia biopsy with the Bronch to see how well her cilia 'beats' (moving mucus up out of the lung).  We asked that the Pulmonary team touch base with her Immunologist to see if there any particular samples that she wants during the Bronch.  As a parent, its important that you act as a communication clearinghouse, even if you aren't sure about specific terminology or protocol.  You have a great excuse for non-perfect questions if you never went to medical school!  Your child doesn't have any other advocate to ask these questions.  Tia's cardiologist is on-service this week which means that she is in charge of the floor that Tia is admitted to.  We are glad that she is the Cardiologist switching out because she knows Tia very very well.  The last Cardio Attending was lovely and all of the Attending Cardio physicians have been, it can be tiring catching someone new on 7.5 years of health history.  We were just informed that the Pulmonologists want to start IV antibiotics as soon as they take the biopsies.  To make the process of giving her the antibiotics easier, a PICC line will be inserted while she is under anesthesia for the Bronch.  We don't know where it will be placed yet, we are waiting to sign the consent forms and find out more information.  It's been 7 years since Tia has had a PICC line.
1/24/2013 11:08:54 pm

love you guys. sending prayers your way.


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