Late last evening we received the preliminary results of Tia's CT Scan.  The good news is that she doesn't have any vascular abnormalities, which means that she doesn't have any defect in the lung as it relates to veins or bloodflow.  The bad news is that her lower left lobe is showing signs of chronic disease.  It was a positive experience having the CT scan so that the Pulmonologists know exactly where and what to target for the bronchoscopy.  The "Bronch" is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) morning at 9:30AM.  They will use a flexible fiberoptic scope to see the lung from the inside and take biopsies of the tissue.  We are worried that there is some type of infection hiding out in the lung.  If that is the case, we could be looking at several weeks (possibly months) of IV antibiotics.  When Tia had her first heart surgery at 3 weeks old, she landed a massive infection around her heart.  We went home on two different IV antibiotics - one for 6 weeks and the other for 8 weeks, that we gave concurrently.  She had a PIC line surgically implanted in the inside of her arm that dropped into her heart.  It is not an experience we wish to repeat, but at least we have had real life training!  Today she remained in isolation in her hospital room, with everyone gowning up and covering up when they come into the room.  Please keep Tia in your prayers tomorrow morning as she will be under general anesthesia for her little lung surgery.  We will keep everyone updated as best we can.  Thank you for your kind words and support! 
Connie Lewis
1/24/2013 09:18:03 pm

Hugs and prayers to your family. Tia is such a strong girl. She will grow up to be a woman with compassion and strength.


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