On Jan 14 we went back to the Pulmonologist.  Her left lung was still
in bad shape.  He prescribed a steroid and a drug called Pulmozyme that is
given to kids with Cystic Fibrosis.  The plan with the Pulmozyme is that it
will break up the mucus in her lung so she can cough it up well. 
Unfortunately the medicine costs $2700 for a 14 day supply, and our insurance
company didn't see the need for Tia to have it because she doesn't have
CF.  It took us 48 hours, dozens of phone calls and an adult temper tantrum
in Walgreens to get through 3 levels of denials to finally walk out with the
medicine and a reasonable copay of $100.  We figured out a great trick with
the steroid.  Tia prefers to take pills.  The trouble with the steroid
pill is that it dissolves very quickly and tastes terrible.  She was
prescribed to have 1.5 pills each dose.  In an effort to NOT have her vomit
up the terrible tasting pill, we cut all the pills in half.  Then used a
baby spoon with chocolate pudding wrap the pill half in the pudding.  Tia
would take the 'glob' of pudding in her mouth, then use a straw to suck up water
out of a cup and wash the whole thing down.  It's the little things,
friends that make life a little easier, that we are thankful for! 

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