Since we have been out of the hospital, it has been so difficult to send out updates.  Besides getting back to 'normal life' with work, keeping up the house, putting away Christmas decorations (finally), Tia's little sister managed to come down with Strep!  Today is January 22 and we are back in the hospital.  Sadly, we finally have a few wide awake minutes to write up an update since Jan 2nd BECAUSE we are back in the hospital....

On Jan 8th we brought Tia for a follow up appointment to her pulmonologist.  Her left lung was in poor condition.  We reviewed the xrays and lab reports from her visit to the ER.  Her doctor prescribed an Acapella Flutter Valve to use along with her Xopenex treatments to work out her lungs and help to clear them up.  The valve basically vibrates on the nebulizer machine with the medicine in it so that the vibrations reach down into her lungs.  We added some new allergy meds also.  Finding an Acapella Valve is not an easy thing to do!  After calls to 9 different pharmacies and medical device companies, the only place that had them was the Pulmonary Lab at Children's.  Good piece of information!

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