11:00PM  We had a successful trip to Children's today because we are HOME tonight! Tia's blood culture from Saturday came back negative which means that she doesn't have an infection near or on her heart (praise God). Her white blood cell count is down which means her body isn't fighting infection but her antibodies to allergies are up. This may
be why she is fighting fevers off and on.  Unfortunately there was a discrepancy in the reading of her X-ray on Saturday night. The initial reading said her lungs were clear and later the
Radiologist report said that there were some concerns. We found this out today.  Our rock star nurse in the ER heard the problem in her lung. We should have pushed back harder when the initial x-ray reading didn't agree. Anyway, she is on increased breathing treatments and will be followed closely for the next several weeks to be sure she doesn't develop pneumonia. Also, she won't be going back to school until mid-February at least because her recovery has been so tough and the new strain of the flu is so bad. So....local friends, we would love for you to visit but only if you are 100% healthy!! Love to everyone, thank you for the amazing support.

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