Merry Christmas!  Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, we were able to pack up Tia's hospital room and head home!  There was some concern that we wouldn't find a pharmacy open that had liquid lasix (a drug used to pull excess liquid away from the heart) since it was Christmas Eve.  After many many phone calls, it turned out that the Pharmacy at Children's Medical Center was open limited hours and they could provide us with the meds.  (Initially we were told incorrect information that the CMC Dallas pharmacy was closed.)  We were relieved - if WalMart doesn't carry what you need, you know it will be impossible to find anywhere else!  Tia spent an hour in the playroom while we packed up her room.  Tia was VERY excited to be going home for Christmas Eve night, she was really worried Santa wouldn't be able to find her in the hospital.  Normal things like getting in the car, buckling herself and carrying her backpack out of the car, are things that she can't do on her own right now.  In our discharge instruction we were reminded that her sternum is in two pieces, held together with wire loops.  It will take 6 weeks for the bone to heal.   She is about 50% functional right now.  We had to carry her Christmas presents over to the couch for her to open.  Usually she is the one whizzing around, giving orders as to who can open which present next.  We have alot of recovery left, but we are glad to do it at home.  Kicking off with a White Christmas isn't a bad way to start!

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