10:43PM  Tia's O2 sats went back up to 100 today!  She continued to improve all day today.  She even got down on the floor with Luci to play with Sand Art.  They bickered like sisters do, and that was music to our ears.  When the dressings that covered the chest tube insertion sites were removed a few days ago, one of the sites had popped open.  The nurse practitioner used a steri-strip to close it up. Today Tia had some pain near the other site.  The new dressings will come off tomorrow and we'll see what we're dealing with.  Hopefully we will not find anything but sites on their way to healing up completely.  Tia asked the doctor doing rounds if she could be home for Christmas.  She had such a good day today, that we are on track to head home tomorrow.  She is very, very excited that Santa won't have to look for her anywhere but home.

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