12:24PM  Tia perked up yesterday in the afternoon and got out of bed when her BFF's Amanda and Channing came to visit her.  The brought her a beautiful sign for the front door of her hospital room with a photo of Tia and her new friends of the Dallas Cowboys.  In the playroom, the girls did some arts and crafts, played games and visited with other patients.  After some rest time we had some other friends visit and had a picnic dinner in her hospital room.  Tia hasn't wanted to eat very much yet, but Angel Hair pasta from her favorite local Italian restaurant interested her enough to warrant a few bites.  She had a good comfortable night, however her O2 sats fell again while she was sleeping. This morning we got the news that she definitely has a pneumothorax, which is a collection of air between the lung and the chest wall.   Her pulmonologist made another trip out this morning to let us know that she needs to be up and moving, but needs to take it easy when she is walking around and coughing.  She is in a tough spot, she needs to walk to help her belly feel better, but not exhaust herself.  She needs to cough so she doesn't get pneumonia, but not cough so hard that she makes the pneumothorax worse.  Best case scenario, the pneumothorax will absorb into her body.  Worst case scenario she will have to have a procedure to release the air pocket.  We are praying for the air to absorb, for her belly to feel better and for Tia's appetite to return. 

Siobhan O'Brien
12/21/2012 11:40:18 am



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