7:28AM  Tia finally got some rest last night, she slept in 2 hour increments from 11:00 until 5:00.  Her nurse was very quiet each time she came in and kept the disruptions as gentle as possible.  Tia's Oxygen Saturation in her blood (O2 sat) dropped several times last night in the 80% (she was 98-100% in the ICU).  The 80's are not dangerous, however the fact that there were trends of the numbers dropping are concerning.   At 5:00 we brought her down to Radiology for a x-rays of her chest to look at her lungs.  The x-rays didn't show any fluid around her lungs, which is good, but the x-ray cannot pick up any small collapses in the lung.  The doctor that just came in said that he thinks she may be experiencing small collapses.  Tia was excited to hear that she was on TV last night and wants to see the video clip.  She tried to wake up about 20 minutes ago but she fell right back to sleep.  Poor kid is really tired
kerry dimartino tobin
12/19/2012 10:22:45 pm

Keeping Tia in my thoughts and prayers!! Nicole stay strong!!

Marilyn Yelle
12/20/2012 07:46:03 am

Nicole and John, I just wanted to let you know how much we are thinking about your beautiful family and your little girl! She is so blessed to have such a support system and such great parents to champion her wellness! I surely hope your beautiful girl is feeling better soon with each day! I am watching her progress and hopefully those spiritual well wishes will make her feel better soon :)

My thoughts and prayers for a strong and healthy recovery are with her :)


Chuck Hackett
12/20/2012 07:49:03 am

Hang in there, Tia.....we're all pulling for you!! We love you.


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