Tia was a very brave girl in her Bronchoscopy today.  She was able to sleep until 8:00AM then was shuffled down to the Pre-Op area.  At Children's Medical Center Dallas, it is the same Pre-Op area for all surgeries (that we have experienced, anyway) so it was a familiar place to us and Tia.  We discussed where the PICC line was going to be placed first, then met with the cardiac anesthesiologist about her plan for the Bronch.  She was very anxious and spent some time talking with her favorite gal, Ashley, in Child Life.  After her Versed medication (equal to 3 margaritas we learned today!) she relaxed and was happy for the remainder of the time she was awake.  Apparently, she was telling her nurses how to silence the machines that were beeping.  That's our girl!  She did very well through the PICC line procedure and her numbers stayed steady through the Bronch.  Three samples were taken during the Bronch - one of her cilia, one of the mucus plug they found in her lung, and the third was from the wash that was injected in her lung, hopefully grabbing a sample of mucus that was deep in her lungs.  There are so many more technical terms for the procedures that were done, but we're keeping a simple explanation here!  It took her a few hours to come around fully from the anesthesia but when she had a Nutella Sandwich, we knew she was feeling OK.  About 2 hours later, she was sleeping but was restless.  When her Cardiologist came in to check on her, her respiratory rate was elevated and she had a 102 fever.  Bloodwork has been ordered and we will see what is going on....


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